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What is prohibited at Sammy Ofer Stadium:

  • Asset 1 Physical and verbal violence, threats, causing fear and causing evil of one type or another.
  • Asset 1 Acts of racism towards the other or putting down someone who is different.
  • Asset 1 Bringing water bottles into the stadium and its premises.
  • Asset 1 Entering the open space (pitch) – not before, not after and not during a match
  • Asset 1 Acting against the directives of the ushers, security managers, security guards and police officers during a sporting event.
  • Asset 1 Occupying another person’s seat or seats that are not marked for you on your ticket.
  • Asset 1 Bringing in sharp and dangerous objects such as knives, pocket knives, guns, slingshots, firecrackers, explosives and other firearms.

Those who break these laws can be subjected to fines and penalties according to the law!