Welcome to Sammy Ofer Stadium!

Sammy Ofer Stadium is the most modern football stadium in Israel.

The stadium was opened to the public in 2014, it contains 30,942 seats and is classified as category 4, the highest European category standard, by UEFA  which gives it the option to host international football matches. In

The west tribune, the main stand, is built out of 6 levels, the dressing rooms are on the pitch level, the press box at 5,000 hospitality seats spread out from the 3rd floor to the 5th. The hostility seats are in various levels: silver, gold, diamond, platinum and Sky boxes.

The stadium is renowned as an architectural symbol on an international level and its trademark is the roof with the gold shingle cladding that can be seen from afar. The roof is made of steel construction that is supported by V shaped pillars that have become part of the unique design fingerprint of the place. The stadium was planned for providing the best logistical support when hosting culture and entertainment events of A-List artists, events that provide a phenomenal acoustic experience, which has yet to be seen in Israel. In the stadium there are tribunes all around the stadium that give the audience the special feeling of a seating bowl – as customary in stadiums worldwide. The pitch is built on minus 15 meters from the audience entrance to the stadium, and this is in order to provide the viewer the experience of proximity to the pitch from every point in the perimeter in an optimal manner.

Inside the building a service road has been paved at the length of half a kilometer that passes through an internal tunnel, to create a sterile and segregated pathway allowing to transport the player’s buses directly to their dressing room. That also enables to bring lighting and amplification equipment onto the pitch and for building special stages for cultural events. On the aforementioned service road there are dozens of kilometers of infrastructure of electricity, electronics and optical fibers that are used for the technology packed systems on the stadium’s premises.

In addition to the cultural events, the entertainment events and the matches in the stadium, the VIP areas in the Western Stand is being used for events, conferences and conventions for companies and private parties for Brit, Bar & Bat Mitzvas, weddings, fairs, exhibitions, meetings, VIP brand launches and more.

With our means and your vision, we will make your event perfect!

The stadium is named after the late businessman Sammy Ofer, who has donated some of his money for building the stadium. The stadium was founded under the initiative and management of the Haifa Economic Corporation for the Municipality of Haifa.

The stadium planned and designed by British architects’ firm KSS in partnership with Israeli architects’ firm Mansfeld Kehat Architects and with close accompanying of UEFA. KSS Architect’s firm specializes in building football stadiums all over the world and considered pioneering in the world of stadiums’ constructions, it planned some of many stadiums in Europe such as Anfield. While planning the structure an emphasis has been put on the comfort experience of the highest levels, standards that are taken from hospitality experiences that are out of this world.

In the stadium’s premises there are two giant screens connected to the game management system. The system is designated for screening results, instant replays, match moves, statistics and image videos. In addition, these screens are used for screening presentations, videos, welcome messages for the guests invited at every event held in the stadium.

The International Sammy Ofer Stadium is located at the southern gateway to Haifa and within walking distance from Matam High-tech and Business Park, an ideal location for those arriving from the north and center of Israel. It is located on a central route that allows access to Haifa Central Bus Station and the Hof Hakarmel train station as well as the Metronit rides that operate in days of matches and concerts. there are plenty of parking spaces, both, in the stadium’s premises, mostly for members, and in close proximity of the stadium within a short walking distance.

The World Peace Statue is located in the northwest square of the stadium. This statue was donated and designed especially for the city of Haifa by its twin city Shanghai as part of 20 years diplomatic relations between China and Israel. In the Western side of Sammy Ofer Stadium, there are trade and entertainment areas that are spread on 20,000 square meters.

In December 2020, the Standards Institute of Israel inspected the Sammy Ofer Stadium and found that it meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard – the international standard of quality management. The Sammy Ofer Stadium is the first stadium in Israel certified to this standard. The certification allows the organization to enhance the efficiency of working processes, assimilate the quality management system, and help save resources and expenses. Any certified organization must prove its ability to provide products that meet customer demands and customer satisfaction and strive for constant improvement. The principles of quality management informing a certified organization are: focus on the customer, leadership, employee involvement and commitment, a process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and mutual relationship management.

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