How many seats does the stadium contain? Is there a special room for referee rooms? And what is the stadium’s total area?
Facts and Numbers about Sammy Ofer Stadium.

The viewing experience in the stadium:

30,942 seats
200 flashlights for lighting the pitch
30 Sky boxes
4 VIP hospitality clubs (silver, gold, diamond and platinum)
2 giant score and screening screens – 72 square meters each
107 decibels of sound
Parabular seat installment angle – with no view obstruction

Personal Security in the Stadium:
250 CCTV
Incorporated command and control room on the 6th floor
On average, there are 80 police officers +250 security guards and stewards per match
There is a fully equipped and manned police station inside the stadium

The hospitality and event’s function rooms:
8 halls in different sizes
A pitch which is being used for live shows!

Comfort and accessibility:
1,535 parking spaces in the stadium
6,500 parking spaces adjacent to the stadium
745 bathroom stalls
10 elevators
2 escalators
18 kiosks
4 dressing rooms
2 referee dressing rooms
VAR room

Stadium’s area:
40,000 square meters – in the western part of the stadium
750 square meters – the kitchen area
150 dunams – the total area of the site
22 dunams – the area of the square
105*68 – pitch size

The stadium’s roof:
31 V shaped pillars weighing 91 tons
2,750 tons – the weight of the roof construction
27,000 – the area of the golden roof cladding

World Peace Statue:
Rising to a height of 16 meters and weighing 40 tons
Made from stainless steel