Regulations at the Sammy Ofer parking garage

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Codes of Conduct at Sammy Ofer Stadium:

  • Asset 1 All the tiers in the stadium are being videoed – make sure you smile!
  • Asset 1 Entrance is permitted solely to those who have a valid ticket for the specific event they are coming to and is of the right status (adult, child, disabled…)
  • Asset 1 Every child under the age of 12 must be chaperoned by a parent or by someone appointed by him.
  • Asset 1 Sammy Ofer Stadium’s management is not responsible for items that were stolen, lost or forgotten – hold on to your belongings!
  • Asset 1 Do not bring in or consume alcoholic beverages inside the stadium’s premises.
  • Asset 1 No selling anything in the stadium’s premises.
  • Asset 1 No bringing snacks into the stadium’s premises
  • Asset 1 No smoking in the stadium.

The entire facility is considered a public place as defined by

 בחוק למניעת עישון במקומות ציבוריים וחשיפה לעישון התשמ”ג-1983.

Regulations at the Sammy Ofer parking garage:

  • Asset 1 Security

The parking garage is networked by closed circuit cameras.

The parking garage’s control center operates 24 hours a day and you can contact them by pressing the intercom button that is located at the entrance and the exit of the parking garage and at the payment station.

  • Asset 1 Payment

The payment for parking a vehicle at the parking garage is done by credit cards, bills, or through the Pango and CelloPark apps.
A vehicle without a parking card will have to pay for a full day of parking.
You cannot pay at the station at the exit of the parking garage.

  • Asset 1 Property

The management/owners or representatives of the stadium are not responsible in any way for any damages caused to the vehicle as a result of theft or any kind of harm – neither to its contents nor to the vehicle itself.

  • Asset 1 Instructions

You must follow the instructions of the control center.

Any vehicle can be parked in the designated spots without supervision services or guarding the vehicle and its content.

The driver of the incoming vehicle to the parking garage must follow the instructions, traffic signs and the directions of the parking garage staff.

Park according to the marked parking spot limits, enter and exit the parking space according to traffic arrangements in the parking area as detailed in the traffic direction signs and the markings on the surface and the traffic signs posted in the parking garage. You must drive carefully and according to the speed limit in the parking garage area.

The hand brake must be lifted before exiting the vehicle, to avoid it from backsliding.

The management of the stadium/parking garage is permitted to evict from the parking garage vehicles that are parked without authorization and/or against the directives. The owners of the parking garage and/or their representatives are not responsible for any kind of damage that will be caused to the vehicle as a result of this.

The management holds itself the right to allocate the parking garage to themselves or to invited guests only and there will be no entrance for random vehicles.

Access to handicapped

Sammy Ofer Stadium is accessible to anyone who wishes to have a viewing experience or to participate in an event that is held in it.
From convenient entrance, parking, elevator and a friendly sidewalk, a suitable seat, kiosk, bathrooms and any other place across the stadium that contributes to the special experience in it.
The handicapped arrangements include the following components:

  • Asset 1 Roads accessible from sidewalks and parking spaces, to the stadium’s entrances including traffic routes on plains without slopes or elevators.
  • Asset 1 Accessible parking spots
  • Asset 1 Stairs with handles.
  • Asset 1 Accessible elevators that include gripping handles, push-buttons that you can feel and are noticeable with Braille writing and + voice indication for indicating the arrival of the elevator you called for and indicating the floor.
  • Asset 1 A feel book of the floor installed on the Mezuza on the door.
  • Asset 1 Arrangements for people with vision impairments that include: a sig leading from the sidewalk to the entrance of the building, warning signs on stairs, warning signs on doors and transparent entrance façade using appropriate design.
  • Asset 1 Ticket offices with systems of hearing aids, a main box office that also includes an accessible counter.
  • Asset 1 Seats for viewers in wheelchairs
  • Asset 1 Accessible toilets
  • Asset 1 Accessible snack bars
  • Asset 1 Information and guidance signs